Best Foundations For Oily Skin, How to apply foundation on oily skin

Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Why is foundation needed?

                Foundation is a basic makeup product used to enhance the complexion. It covers up the pores, blemishes, black spots and gives an even skin tone. Sometimes foundation acts as moisturizer and sunscreen too. There are thousands of brands and various types of foundations available in the market. You need to know all of the characteristics to choose one for you. If you are not confident about foundations, you can take opinion from any specialist makeup artist.

 If you have oily skin type then it is difficult to obtain best foundations for oily skin. Foundation applied on the oily skin does not last long enough and you have to re-apply it. Sometimes foundations formulated for oily skin type leaves skin excessively dry. It is miserable to look at just like a dried up facial mask.

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Know your skin type and choose foundation:

 If you are a beginner or want to buy a new one do some experiments with your skin. There are definite foundations for different skin types according to dry, normal, oily and mixed. Oily skin has dark spots, acne, blemishes, clogged pores and other problems. Skin starts to produce oil right after washing face. Normally toe t-zone i.e. forehead and nose area including chin produce oil most.

 Washing face thoroughly is a must to control oil. Frequent clean up can offer a better result. You have to use oil-free and noncreamy face wash. Keep an eye on the ingredients of your face wash while buying.

                So you need to know which is the best foundation for oily skin. You have to select foundations for oily skin which can cover up these skin problems, control oil and present a perfect glowing evenly toned skin.

Which one is the best pick for oily skin type?

  • You have to select the oil-free foundation. This is the best foundation for oily skin. Avoid thick and cream based foundation containing moisturizer. These types of foundations produce more oil and break out lines.
  • Opt for the water based lightweight foundation. Foundation containing salicylic acid is the best foundation for oily skin and acne prone skin too.
  • Be extra careful for sensitive skin. If you experienced allergies using some cosmetic products then you must go for foundations specially formulated for sensitive skin. These types of foundations are fragrance-free.
  • Powder based foundation and matte foundations do not act properly for oily skin. Powder blocks pores which can cause excess oil. These types of products can define facial lines which make people look aged.
  • If you want to use foundation for daytime must opt for a sunscreen containing ones with SPF 15 or higher. Direct exposure to sunlight is very harmful to the skin.
  • Test different types of foundations like lightweight liquid ones, water based foundations, powder foundations on your skin. It will be easy comparable among all. This will help you to choose which is the best foundation for oily skin.

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Choose right shade according to skin tone:

 Most of the brands categorize their foundations into three shades as warm, natural and cool. But these shades vary from brand to brand. Foundation should be the same as skin tone.

  • First identify your skin color intensity whether you have light, very light, medium-light, brown, deep, medium- deep or very deep.
  • Recognize your undertone i.e. cool, warm or natural. If you have the rosy effect then it is cool whereas golden effect considered as warm and mixture of these two is natural.
  • Test different shades of foundations by applying on skin. The actual hue will vanish into your skin.
  • Always test foundation on the face along the jaw line. Don’t try on hands or wrist. Because face has a lighter shade than our hand.
  • Most of the girls have mixed skin tone with some sun kissed areas like forehead and nose. But other parts of face show basic hue. You have to decide whether you will select different foundation for these or according to base shade.
  • Oily skin tone does not show the real shade always. When testing foundation you should clean your face to remove excess oil and get back real skin tone. This will help you to choose the best foundation for oily skin.
  • If you are still confused take advice from a specialist. They can help you to select the right shade according to your skin tone.

How to apply foundation on oily skin?

 Foundations for oily skin are not too easy to apply it on. You should follow some proper instructions

  • Wash your face with oil-free face wash or using cleansing milk.
  • If possible exfoliate your skin with a scrubber. Foundation does not appear properly on a dry skin with flaky skin spots.
  • Apply an oil free water based moisturizer all over your face and neck area. Oily skin also needs moisturizing. Skin produces more oil without moisturizer.
  • Applying primer is optional. If you have a foundation which also can acts as base makeup then no need for primer.
  • Take a lightweight water based oil free foundation which is the best foundation for oily skin. Always go for the product which is water proof and lasts long. Apply evenly all over the face and neck area.
  • Foundation does not contain concealer. Before applying foundation you need to conceal those black spots blemishes or redness on your face. Thus you will get the ideal even skin tone.
  • For final touch up apply some translucent matte powder on your face. This will help you to soak excess oil from your face. Thus foundation lasts long.
  • Avoid thick dry powder. This can cause breakage lines on the face.
  • For those who have oily skin must carry bloating paper to remove excess oil. You need blotting paper to remove oil but not the powder. Don’t rub blotting paper across the face. Just press over an oily spot then peel it off. Blotting paper helps to stay foundations for oily skin much longer throughout the whole day.

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Tools needed to apply foundation:

 Foundation can be applied using brush, sponge or finger. Each of these provides a different look of the finish.

  • One can apply foundation using a finger to get a natural nude makeup look. The general body heat of finger can melt foundation thus helps to blend into the skin. Instead of using 3-4 fingers together foundation should be applied only by 1 finger. Sometimes it is difficult to blend and finger marks may occur.
  • Brush with gentle bristle is best for liquid foundation. It is best applying tool of foundations for oily skin. Check the brush. It should not be harsh which can cause scratches over the face. Take a little amount on the tip of bristle and apply gently over face. Brush blends foundation in a professional way. Synthetic bristle won’t blot up much of the applying foundation. With a brush, it is easy to cover up all the patches and spots. It helps to get an even tone effortlessly.
  • A sponge is an also good medium to apply liquid foundation which is the best foundation for oily skin. It is effective for powder foundation too. It is great to provide a sheer look with medium coverage. Sponge must be cleaned. Take a clean sponge and wet with water. Squeeze the excess water otherwise remaining water will soak foundation itself. Now put some little amount of foundation on a wet sponge. This watery moisturizer will be effective to blend foundation accurately into your skin. Sponge with pointed tips is the best for blending.

Powder foundation is not good for oily skin. But sometimes light translucent powder applied over liquid one provides a salon finished look. Powders also can be applied using a sponge. As mentioned before powder can be blended easily by a sponge. You should use round ones for powder. The sponge should be cleaned on a regular basis and dried up after using it.

  • You can use an airbrush to apply liquid foundation. It gives a natural no makeup look, unlike the heavy matte makeup. If you want to create an even natural and sheer look you can go for this technique.

How does foundation cover up skin?

 There are different foundations which can provide different coverage. Coverage means how it works on your skin, conceals your dark spots, patches, blends accurately to form an even skin tone, how it controls oil and also how long it lasts.

  • Sheer: It is a transparent product containing a minimum percentage of pigment. So it can not conceal the dark spots or patches. But sheer foundation can reduce the distinction of shades between t-zone and remaining area. It provides an even and natural finish. It can be used for oily skin type.
  • Light coverage: It is not as transparent as a sheer foundation. It can cover up small patches and provides more even skin than sheer ones. But it is not effective to cover up freckles on your face. This is the best foundations for oily skin

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  • Medium coverage: it contains almost 20% pigment. It can cover up redness caused by pimples, dark spots, freckles and also discoloration.
  • Full coverage: it is opaque enough to hide birthmarks and scars. Professional stage artist uses this type of products. It is not necessary for daily use.

6 foundations for flawless skin best suited to oily skin:

  • Mac: ideal pick for oily skin. It is lightweight, blends easily into the skin and provides a sheer matte look. You should try this out.

best Foundations for Oily Skin

  • Revlon color stay: It provides a smooth look and high coverage. This foundation withstands oil and stays throughout the whole day.

best Foundations for Oily Skin


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  • Estee Lauder: It has different formulae for different skin types. It has a wide color range and provides flawless smooth look. Also, it lasts long.

best Foundations for Oily Skin

  • L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte: It is specially formulated for oily skin. It is perfect for daily use. It is a creamy lightweight foundation. Skin feels smooth and looks flawless. It is a long lasting foundation.

best Foundations for Oily Skin

  • Bobby Brown: This oil-free foundation provides an ideal coverage. Customers are satisfied after using this product.

best Foundations for Oily Skin

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  • Cover girl oil control: It is particularly made for oily and sensitive skin. It controls shine and feels gentle on your skin.

best Foundations for Oily Skin

Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Precisely it is advised that go for a foundation which you feel the best. Try all the options yourself and then select the best one. If you are puzzled among thousands of variations, take experts tips to choose the right product for you.