Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid For Oily Skin, Best Foods For Oily Skin

Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid For Oily Skin

foods to eat and food not to eat for oily skin

If your skin is oily then, you may face several skin problems. If you want to get rid of these skin problems then, you should check your diets. The foods that we take on a regular basis leave an effect on our health and skin. The texture of the skin depends on the foods that are taken on the day. So, if you have oily skin type then you should restrict some foods to balance the oil production in your skin and you should also add some essential foods to your list as well. These foods can help the people to control the oil production in the skin cells.

Though there are several creams and lotions available in today’s market that play an active role in controlling oil release through your skin but still these may fail to give you the permanent solution. Moreover, these chemical based creams and lotions have various side effects on your skin. So, you need to be conscious when you are going to apply anything on your face. The nutritionists suggest some foods that can help you to stay away from the excessive oil production problem on your skin. The experts have also mentioned some names of the foods that should be avoided by the oily skin people.

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Only applying face pack is not enough to eliminate the oily skin problems. Few changes in your diet can keep your skin well balanced and nourished from the root. The experts say, your skin reflects your inner health and if you want to keep it well then you need to check the food list now. There are some foods that people must add to their daily routine and some foods that they should never take to get relief from the oily skin problem.

Foods That You Should Take To Get Relief From Oily Skin

best foods for oily skin

There are 20 foods to eat for oily skin and eliminating the skin problems due to oily skin. These natural remedies can help you to stay healthy and get a balanced skin type at the same time.


This is an essential food to eat to reduce oily skin. Cucumber is known as one of the most beneficial fruits that can keep your skin well. The water content of this fruit can keep your skin and health soothing and hydrated. The cooling effect of this fruit keeps your skin away from various problems.


The effect of grapefruit on oily skin is remarkable. You can keep your skin well balanced by consuming grapefruit which is full of essential vitamin C. A glass of grapefruit juice after a meal can help you to stay hydrated and immune.

Fibre Rich Foods

You should always take fiber rich foods to stay healthy and full. Bread, oats, corn and other foods can help you to get a good amount of fiber which is necessary to keep your skin well. This fiber content can remove all the toxin elements from your body and as a result, you can keep your skin well. This can work as a good cleanser for your skin and body.


The essential omega3 fatty acid is present in various kinds of nuts. Soybean, salmon, avocado and other foods that contain a good amount of fatty acid are good for your health and skin. It is a good protection for your skin to stay away from damages.

Citrus Fruits

If you want to reduce the excess oil release from your skin then you can take citrus fruits on a regular basis. Vitamin C is present in this fruit that can clear the extra toxin element from your skin and body. Oranges, pineapples, lemons can be added to your regular diet for eliminating the oily skin problem.

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Fruit juices are always good for your health and skin. The water content of the juices can help you to get relief from the toxin elements and as a result, your skin can be kept clean and soothing.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are not only good for your health but also good for your skin. You can also avoid the oily skin problems by consuming green vegetables. You must include the green vegetables in your regular diet plan for getting a healthy skin.


Pulses also play an important role to control the oily skin trouble. It is full of essential vitamins, minerals, and other compounds. Pulses are a good source of amino acid and other agents that can help you to keep your skin lively and clean.


Fruit or vegetables should be taken as vegetables to get the ultimate result in improving the oily skin texture. The salads contain no oil which is bad for your health and skin.


Drinking sufficient amount of water is important to stay healthy. The water cannot only improve the texture of the oily skin but also balance the pH factor of the skin. It can improve the blood flow to the body and keep the appearance lively as well.

Foods To Avoid Oily Skin Problems

foods to avoid for oily skin

If you have oily skin problems then you should stay away from some foods certainly. These foods are listed below. Go through the foods to avoid oily skin to know lead a better life.

Dairy Products

You should avoid the dairy products such as milk, cheese, and butter to reduce the skin problems. It can make your skin more acne prone and make your skin old before time.

Extra Sugar

The high glycaemic content of sugar can harm your oily skin worse. So, you should stay away from the honey, cane sugar, and maltose to keep your skin healthy and young. It can reduce the skin problems under control.

Fatty Meat

Red meats are strictly restricted to keeping your skin healthy and balanced. It can also be harmful to your heart health. It increases the cholesterol problems.

Salty Snacks

Snacks and oily foods can be harmful to your skin. The extra oil increases the skin problems by damaging the skin cells. So say no to the chips, French fries, salty cookies and more.

Fibre Free Flour

You should never take the whole grains that are free from the fiber and nutrients. These foods can increase the oil production in your skin and make it more problematic.

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If you take plain coca then it is good for your skin. But taking chocolates is not suggested by the dermatologists. The chocolates can boost up the oil production in your skin. So, stay away from the chocolates.


Taking alcohol is not good for health and it is known to all. It can also damage your skin by producing excessive oil in your skin.

Processed Foods

The processed foods usually carry excess oil which is bad for your skin and health at the same time. So, take as much as less you can take these kinds of foods. These oily foods can make your skin more damaged. Eating fresh foods are always good for your health and skin at the same time.

Oily Skin Symptoms

Before going to treat your skin, you need to know the type of your skin first. What are the symptoms of oily skin? There are some points that can help you to recognize your skin. You need to know how to determine that your skin is oily.

  • If you are sweating much then you may have oily skin. This is one of the most common symptoms that can determine that you have an oily skin.
  • Oily skins have blackheads. If you are noticing excessive blackheads on your face then you may have the oily skin problems.
  • Applying makeup but it is not lasting as long as it should then the excess oil releasing can be one reason.
  • The whole face apart from the T-area of your face is feeling oily then you can be sure of having an oily skin problem.
  • The large size pores on the skin can be another result of your oily skin.
  • The acne prone skin is the result of excessive oil production in your skin cells.

How To Prevent Oily Skin

If your skin is oily then you must take an extra care of your skin. Only taking good diet and avoiding few foods are not enough in this case. Apart from restricting your diet, you need to maintain a healthy daily life. You can apply some natural remedies to reduce the oily skin problems. You should keep the skin clean always. Excess oil of your skin should be removed to reduce the skin problems such as acne. You can apply hot water on your skin to reduce the oil production in the skin cells. Scrub your skin daily to keep the pores clean. You should use selective moisturizers on your skin to keep it balanced. If these are not controlling your oily skin problems then taking advice from the experts is better.

Foods To Avoid Oily Skin – Conclusion

Oily skin is one of the most common problems that are faced by many people. If you didn’t take proper care of oily skin then you may suffer from various ill effects of it. Supplying proper amount of minerals and vitamins to your skin is necessary. Besides, you should lead a healthy and regular life to avoid the oily skin problems. These mentioned foods to avoid oily skin are suggested by the experts who know how to help the people struggling.

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