Techniques To Darken Your Eyebrows, How to Darken Eyebrows

How To Darken Eyebrows : Few Simple Tips

how to darken eye brows

Blessed are those who got thick and perfect shaped eye brows naturally. A beautifully shaped eyebrow is an asset to us. It matters to a great extent in representing our personality as well as the looks. But things are not going the same way for all. The pain of having a thin and light eyebrow is a matter of a headache and nearly perhaps the women who are undergoing this situation, left no stone unturned to know the methods of how to get darken eyebrows, as a well-groomed eye brow highlights our eyes and the other features promptly. Now to make you tension free, we have come up with some techniques how to darken your eye brows. Just go through it carefully and try.

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How to darken eye brows:

There are varieties of procedure of darkening eye brows. One can use hair dye or colour eye pencils to make eye brows darken. We are discussing point- wise:

1): Apply Dye: This is the easiest way to make eye brows darken without much effort. Only you have to be careful about the dye you are applying should be meant for eyebrows hair, not hair dye. The colour of the eye brow hair is always lighter than hair, and so while selecting the colour of eye brows day, one must choose one shade lighter than normal hair colour. Otherwise, it would create artificial looks. There is eye brow dye kit available in the market from the reputed company, so now it is easy to make eyebrows darken by using the kit correctly.

2): Apply Eye Brow Pencil: If you do not want to use dye, then it’s good for you to shape your eyebrows with the help of professional beautician and then darken the hair line each time you want with an eye brow pencil. This is the easiest way to darken eye brows at home.

how to darken eye brows

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3): HIBISCUS: Hibiscus flower is an excellent component to grow hair and make it even darker. So don’t worry about how to get dark eyebrow naturally. Take some fresh petals of hibiscus flower and grind it with the help of a grinder stone. Then apply the paste on the eyebrows. To get best results you have to keep it for half an hour. Then wash off. Do it thrice a week.

4): Alovera gel: It is a natural ingredient to get darkens eyebrows naturally. Take out the fresh gel from aloe vera plant and mixed it with almond oil. Apply it on the eyebrows at night. Keep it over night. The anti oxidants and essential fatty acid of almond oil will work to grow new hairs and darken them.

5): Castor oil and Coconut oil mix: Castor oil is a very well known hair stimulator and has saturated fatty acids and vitamins. Coconut oil has protein and nutrients to enhance the volume of hair in eye brows. Take one tea spoon full of each and mix well. Then apply the mixture on the eyebrows for half an hour. Then wash it lightly. This oil serum can prevent the eyebrows from breaking.

6): Use Eye brow gel and Petroleum Jelly: To get thicker and shiner eye brows the fastest remedy is to apply eye brow gel and petroleum jelly on eyebrows. It will give your eye brows a thicker and fuller look. Thus you can make eye brows darken.

how to darken eye brows

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7): Extra virgin Olive Oil: Take one spoon full of extra virgin olive oil and one capsule of vitamin E.Vitamin E has antioxidants and promote hair growth. Extra virgin olive oil has useful fatty acids that stimulate hair follicles to grow and nourish them. When your eye brows get hair growth naturally, it will look darker, and the volume will increase. Add each of the ingredients well and use it at least thrice a week to get the perfect result.

8): Onion Juice: Onion juice is enriched with collagen, sulphur and essential vitamins.  Take small size onion and grind it to extract the juice.  Use the juice with a cotton ball and leave it for half an hour. You will notice the difference after few applications.

9): Use Eye shadow: In the tips about how to darken eye brows, one effective step is to apply eye shadow on the eye brows to give it a dark colour. Select the shade according to your eye brows colour. You have to be skilled in making up to do this perfectly. All you have to do is to dip your eye shadow brush in the matching colour and draw the eye brows with a light stroke. Avoid smudging. This will help you to get thick and dark eye brows.

10): Eat Healthily: a healthy diet can lead you to get a natural thick eye brow as the proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet will promote the hair growth naturally.

how to darken eye brows

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Conclusion – How to Darken Eye Brows

So friends, the remedies as mentioned above about how to get dark eye brows naturally will help you to overcome your short comings of having thin eye brows.  Moreover, with a proper styling and makeup, you can cover up the thin eyebrows and enjoy the changes in your looks. After going through the tips, you will get a fair guide- line of how to make eye brows darken and well-groomed eye-brose will certainly give you more confidence.