Privacy Policy - YoYo Beauty

Privacy Policy acknowledges the value of your privacy and strive to retain your trust in us. This policy details the processing and or treatment of user information gathered on and associated offline channels. And this Privacy Policy is applicable to both existing and past visitors to our website, as well as our online clients and customers. By visiting and/or utilizing our website, you as a consumer agree to this Privacy Policy.

Information we collect

Contact information. We are likely to gather consumer information such as your name, cell number, email, residence address and IP address.

Billing and Payment Data

 We are likely to gather such information as your billing name and address along with the payment process used in the purchase of products or services associated with us. For example, credit card used, and its expiry date and other details

Information posted by you

We are likely to gather such information as what you post in the public space available on our website or related third-party social media sites.

Demographic Data

We are likely to gather such information as general and specific demographic data like events attended by you and intend to participate in, with regard to

Other data and Information

We may gather information about your IP address and the browser being used if you use our website. We may look into what site you came from, the length of time spent on our website, pages browsed or the next site you visit when you leave us. We might also collect the data about mobile device you are using, or the version of the operating system your computer or device is running.

  • We gather information in different ways
  • We gather information directly from you
  • When you subscribe to our newsfeed and/or newsletter or post comments on our website or contact us through any media channel, online or offline, we are bound to gather and retain information.
  • We gather passive information from you
  • We employ generic Web tools such as Web Beacons, Browser Cookies, Google Webmaster and Google Webmaster in order to gather information regarding website usage.
  • We source information about you from third parties
  • We also employ third party channels such as integrated social media features to obtain information about you as a user including your name and email address.

Use of your personal information

  • We utilize information to contact you
  • We are likely to use the information we have obtained about you to contact you for purposes of keeping you updated on our website as well as promotional purposes.
  • We utilize information to respond to your requests or questions
  • We are also likely to contact you for website promotional purposes.
  • We utilize information to enhance our products and services
  • We also utilize your information to enhance our products and services, so that they may better serve your purpose as a user and consumer. An example of this would be to display content that is only applicable to you.
  • We utilize information for online security reasons
  • We are likely to use information in order to protect the interests of our website.
  • We utilize information for marketing objectives
  • We also employ user data to send information about the latest trends in health and beauty and products and services related to the same.

Sharing information with third-parties

  • We are bound to share information with third parties who execute services for us
  • The third parties may include vendors who aid us in the management of online interactions including transactional interactions.
  • We are likely to share information with our business partners
  • We are also most likely to share information with our business interests such as sponsors or associated agencies. They, in turn, will follow the guidelines of the privacy policy to use the information.
  • We are likely to share information if it is needed in order to comply with the law or to protect ourselves
  • We are bound by law- including cyber law and otherwise to respond to legal claims for information such as court orders or subpoenas. Also included will be the sharing of data with government agencies and investigatory bodies as requested by them.


If you decide to visit the website, your website visitors and related disputes over privacy is subject to the terms of this privacy policy.