Uses,Side Effects And Benefits Of Niacin For Skin, Hair, And Health

Uses, Side Effects And Benefits Of Niacin For Skin, Hair, And Health

benefits of niacin or vitamin b3

In these days, we all have an idea about the role and the importance of vitamin B complex in our body. Niacin is another name of the Vitamin B3 which is a part of vitamin B complex. So, getting the proper amount of niacin is important for leaving a healthy life. If you want to get good cellular health then you need to understand whether you are getting the proper amount of niacin or not. The niacin can be taken from the natural sources like meat, tuna fish, mushroom and other foods. Or you can get it at the medical store in capsule form.

Vitamin B3 is available in 3 forms like niacinamide (also called nicotinamide), nicotinic acid, and inositol hexaniacinate. These forms of the niacin help the people to lead a healthy life in various ways. The niacin plays an important role in keeping your enzymes well active and cellular metabolism rate good at the same time. It can act as an effective antioxidant that helps you to get good relief from major health issues. You need to understand what form of niacin is necessary to treat which problem. It can repair the DNA and keep you away from the life-threatening health problems. Before knowing about the benefits of the niacin in your body, you need to know how you may suffer for the deficiency of the niacin in your body.

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Benefits Of Niacin

  • Good For Your Heart
  • Effective On Diabetes Type 1 Patients
  • Good For Your Brain
  • Improves Arthritis
  • Heals Pellagra
  • Heals Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fight Against Insomnia
  • Improves Motion Sickness
  • Detoxify
  • Lengthen Life Span
  • Good For Digestion

Symptoms Of Lack Of Niacin In Your Body

If you fail to get a proper amount of niacin in your body then you can feel some symptoms in your health. These symptoms can occur as a result of not absorbing tryptophan which is known as an amino acid precursor. There are some of the common alarming symptoms of niacin deficiency in your body.

  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting
  • Canker sores
  • Depression

These are the common symptoms that people may face when they have a lower amount of niacin in their body. But there are some other vital symptoms that can occur as a deficiency of the niacin.

  • Scaly rashes on the skin exposed to sunlight
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Apathy
  • Disorientation
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Swollen mouth

If you want to avoid these health problems then you must consult with your doctor and understand what you need to take for avoiding these health issues. Taking the proper amount of niacin can not only help you to recover these problems but also helps you get several health benefits as well.

Health Benefits Of Niacin

benefits of niacin or vitamin b3

There are some of the important health benefits that you can get from the niacin. These health benefits of niacin can help you to understand the reasons behind adding its supplements to your daily diet.

  • Good For Your Heart

You should take the proper amount of niacin to keep your heart well functioning. The proper amount of niacin plays an important role in adjusting the level of cholesterol in your body. It increases the level of the good cholesterol and decreases the level of the bad cholesterol at the same time. The niacin can block the system of creating cholesterol in your live. And a healthy cholesterol level is important to keep your heart safe and away from the risks of blockage and stroke.

But when you are going to start the niacin, you need to consult with your doctor. If you are on proper medication then only you should take the niacin for adjusting the level of the cholesterol. These medications may have bad side effects on your body. So, don’t forget to consult with your doctor before taking the niacin to your heart.

  • Effective On Diabetes Type 1 Patients

Though researchers are still now researching on this topic to know in a better way how the niacin helps to improve the patients of the diabetes type 1 it is proved that initially, it works. They have studied on the diabetes type 1 patients and showed that the cells of the pancreas are protected by the niacin effectively for at least immediate improvement. But they are researching on its effect on the patient in long run.

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  • Good For Your Brain

If you want to keep your brain well active then you need to take sufficient amount of niacin. The active role of niacin on the human brain health is proved by the researchers. Lack of niacin can lead to some psychiatric problems. Niacin is used to improve the condition of the schizophrenic patients and it helps to improve the brain health of the patients. Moreover, depression and memory loss problems can be prevented by supplying this essential vitamin. Overall brain function can be kept well by taking sufficient amount of niacin as per the direction of the physicians.

  • Improves Arthritis

This vitamin is essential for the patients who are suffering from arthritis problems. Niacinamide can improve the pain of arthritis by reducing the inflammation. But you should take the advice of the medical professional to get a good result from it.

  • Heals Pellagra

Pellagra is one of the most common diseases which are found among the people with insufficient niacin. People who take too much amount of corn on a regular basis suffer from this type of disease. It can be healed by covering the insufficiency of the niacin. Taking a good supplement of niacin can help the people to recover from this situation.

benefits of niacin or vitamin b3

  • Heals Erectile Dysfunction

Taking sufficient amount of niacin is important for the men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. This vitamin can help the men to maintain a good erection. The anti-inflammatory properties of the niacin play an important role to keep the blood vessels free from the infections. This also helps the men to recover from the erection dysfunction. Taking the vitamin supplement is one of the easiest and safe ways that helps men to recover from this problem.

You should take the advice of the health specialists before starting to take the niacin on a regular basis. You need to know the right dose and proper form of the niacin.

  • Fight Against Insomnia

You can get relief from the insomnia problem by taking this vitamin supplement. You need to take the advice of the health professional for taking this supplement to heal the problem of insomnia as it ay increases the Rapid Eye Movement syndrome among patients.

  • Improves Motion Sickness

This vitamin supplement may play an important role in improving the motion sickness problem effectively. But without the advice of the physician, you should not take this supplement.

  • Detoxify

Niacin is proved as an effective supplement for detoxification. It can rupture the fat cells of your body and release the toxin elements from these. In this process, it can eliminate all the toxin elements from your body. It forms the red blood cells and helps you to get sufficient energy from the food that you are taking on a regular basis.

  • Lengthen Life Span

The study on the roundworm has proved that the niacin is effective on longevity. Niacin can help your body to understand that it is practicing exercises but in reality when you are not doing it at all. Niacin is known as one of the exercise mimetic compounds which can lengthen your longevity and help you to lead a better and healthier life.

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  • Good For Digestion

You can improve your digestive system by taking this vitamin supplement. It can break down the alcohol, fat, and carbohydrate and keep the digestive tract well active. You should always keep in mind that this vitamin supplement is necessary to get relief from the abnormal bowel system and constipation.

Effects Of Niacin On Skin And Hair

There are some of the other benefits of niacin. You can improve the health of the hair and the skin at the same time by taking this vitamin supplement. It can keep the skin away from the cancerous risk. This vitamin can help you to get relief from the sun sensitivity. It can It is used in various creams, lotions and beauty products that can enhance your beauty instantly. The anti-aging properties of the niacin can keep your skin younger looking for a long time. The antioxidant properties of this vitamin can help you to remove all the wrinkles and age marks from the skin. You can also fight against the acne problem by taking this vitamin supplement which has good anti-inflammatory properties.

The hair follicles can be repaired by taking this vitamin supplement. It takes care of the scalp health at the same time.

Sources Of Niacin

You need to know how to stay away from the deficiency of the niacin in a natural way. A healthy diet full of vitamins can help you to fulfill the deficiency of niacin. There are some of the remarkable sources of niacin that you can add to your diet.

    Turkey Breast: 1 turkey breast contains 101 mg of niacin (over 100% of daily value).

    Peanuts:  A cup of peanuts has 21.9 mg (over 100% DV) niacin.

    Beef Liver: A slice of beef liver carries 11.9 mg (60% DV) niacin.

    Tuna: 3 oz of tuna has 11.3 mg (56% DV) niacin.

    Chicken Breast: 3 oz of chicken breast carries 8.9 mg (44% DV) niacin.

    Grass-Fed Beef: 3 oz of grass-fed beef has 7.6 mg (36% DV) niacin.

    Mushrooms: A cup of mushrooms has 7.6 mg (34% DV) niacin.

    Sunflower Seeds: One cup of sunflower seeds has 3.8 mg (19% DV) niacin.

    Green Peas: One cup of green peas has 3 mg (15% DV) niacin.

    Avocado: A whole avocado carries 3.5 mg (17% DV) niacin.

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benefits of niacin or vitamin b3

Side Effects Of Niacin

Though niacin has great importance in the human body but taking it on a large scale can be harmful to you. You need to understand the side effects of the niacin before going to take it on a regular basis.

Niacin Flush

If you take 100 mg niacin at a time, you may face the niacin flush. This is not a harmful effect of niacin. B3 removes by its own. It starts from the face and can be spread up to your arms and chest. It should be eliminated from 30 minutes to two hours.


You may face some allergenic reactions after taking the niacin. Histamine is released by the niacin and it can be a cause of allergenic reactions on your body.

Irregular Heartbeat

You may face some irregular heartbeat as a result of taking the niacin at a large scale.

Lower The Pressure

The patients with low blood pressure should never take the niacin. Before taking the niacin with the blood pressure controlling medicine, you should talk to the health professionals.

Pregnancy And Breast Feeding

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding their babies should never take the niacin at a larger scale than it is recommended by the physician. You should be aware of taking this supplement according to you and your baby’s condition.

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Conclusion – Niacin

The natural sources of niacin are safe to take but always in a limited amount. If you face any kind of discomfort after taking this supplement you should immediately stop taking it and talk to the medical practitioner. This medication is suggested by the professionals under some specific health conditions. You should keep the dose in the mind and don’t take it too much. The uses of niacin should be always according to the advice of the professional medical personnel.

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